Humanity is facing huge challenges!

Governments worldwide are scrambling to meet the SDGs by incentivising new technologies and solutions. This opens vast opportunities for investors to reap the rewards of the sustainability drive while supporting companies making a positive impact.


Climate stability

Your opportunity to support companies that promote sustainable energy, help make cities inclusive and resilient, or offer climate solutions.

Basic needs

Support companies that help people around the world meet their basic needs for livelihood, food, and security.

Healthy ecosystems

Invest in companies that ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, sustainably use oceans or promote the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems.

Clean Water

Invest in companies that promote the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

Good Health & Well-being

Support companies that contribute to improved health and well-being globally.

Gender equality

Invest in companies that aim to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls everywhere.

Quality education

Support companies that promote inclusive and equitable education and lifelong learning around the world.

Societal progress

Invest in companies that promote decent work for all, innovation for good, and global equality, or stand out as a world-leading employer.

Grow your savings & make an impact

Take your savings to the next level by adding a societal and environmental dimension. We firmly believe that only companies which contribute towards addressing the major sustainability challenges will thrive in the future.

Climate Stability

Healthy Ecosystems

Societal Progress