Join the radicants!

Something new is on the horizon: radicant is here and is to become the first digital platform for sustainable investments in Switzerland. In collaboration with our community and partners, we will gradually transform our platform into an interactive and sustainable personal financial assistant that will take care of all your financial needs – around the clock. Technology makes it possible.

We are the radicants!

Become part of the community and help create the first digital and sustainable, personal financial assistant in Switzerland together with us. Just enter your e-mail address and let the journey begin!

«We are looking forward to redefining financial services and making them sustainable at their very core. We invite everyone to join us on this journey.»
Dr. Anders Bally, CEO, radicant ltd

The three main situations we would like to change:

In biology, radicant plants are distinguished by their distinct ability to adapt to new environments and conditions. They are constantly putting down new roots as they grow and can also separate from old roots they no longer need.

For us, the term radicant symbolizes a groundbreaking shift in the adaptability of financial services that are deeply rooted in sustainability.