A greener way of living

With radicant, you can choose to pay digitally or opt for our wooden debit card – find out more here. 

Pay the sustainable way

Together, we can cut back on the use of harmful plastics. radicant is the first digital bank to offer all the various options to pay sustainably.

Work in progress

Trace your CO₂ impact with radiFootprint

What we consume and spend our money on may seem insignificant as individuals, but collectively it adds up.

With every payment transaction we estimate your CO₂ impact.

See the carbon impact of every transaction, shown in CO₂e (“equivalents”), and trace your total carbon footprint over time. This is how you learn which spendings have the biggest impact.

We enable you to track not only bank transfers but also mobile and card payments.

Guides and insights to make a change

Receive personalised suggestions on how to easily reduce your carbon footprint and introduce greener habits into your daily life.

work in progress

Take control of your financial future

Plan financially for your whole life with our radiPlanner and keep your day-to-day life on track with our budgeting features.

Set budgets and create pockets

Keep your spending on certain categories in check so you know when you’re indulging too much!
Create pockets to set money aside and track progress towards your saving goals.

Plan your future - radiPlanner

Take savings one step further and receive suggestions and plan for key life events, such as buying a house, changes to job status, pensions, starting a family and many more.
Estimate the impact global warming and climate change could have on your long-term financial future with our climate simulator.


When can I get a radicant bank account?

You can get started now! Add your name to the waitlist and be one of the first ones to become a radicant when we go live in the course of 2023.

What are requirements to open up a radicant bank account?

We will offer an easy and fully digital account opening process, without video call!
To open a radicant bank account you’ll need to:

  • be at least 18 years young
  • have your residence in Switzerland
  • be a citizen of Switzerland, an European Union or European Economic Area country
  • have your ID or passport ready
  • have a bank account in your name at another Swiss or EU/EEA bank

Manage your wealth & make an impact

Take your wealth to the next level by investing in our SDG-aligned funds and radiThemes. Support companies pushing us towards a sustainable future and make an impact.

Climate Stability

Healthy Ecosystems

Societal Progress

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