SDG-Evangelists make an impact

At radicant, we have made it our mission to promote the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The entire company and its products must be thoroughly and sustainably thought through. How can we achieve this? The answer is to introduce a new concept: the role of SDG evangelists. They are involved with every agile technology squad and every interface to promote sustainable development.

Evangelists are spreading «the good news»…

Some people think of religion when hearing the word «evangelists». However, in the technology industry – and radicant primarily being a fintech – the term has long taken on a new meaning. In fact, the word Evangelium derives from ancient Greek and means «the good news».

Thus «technology evangelists» are humans who are on one hand themselves enthusiastic about technology and on the other, have the ability to inspire other humans. The ultimate goal is, to build a critical mass of support for a particular technology and then establish it as a technical standard.

… as experts on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

That is precisely what radicant’s SDG-Evangelists are all about. Contrary to the «technology-evangelists» they focus on sustainable development and on how to build a critical mass for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Their task is to raise awareness of the SDGs, deepen the relevant knowledge in the community and advocate for their achievement. Ultimately, they help everyone align themselves with the SDGs through radicant’s products.

… and acting as radicant’s voice

radicant’s SDG-Evangelists contribute in many ways by spreading the message about the SDGs and getting others excited about them. Be it actively in forums and communities or as participants at conferences, as a direct- and discussion partner for SDGs or by expert lectures and published articles in the relevant media. At radicant, we plan to build a platform content focusing on the SDGs including podcasts, webcasts, and blogs.

The exchange with experts as a central element

Key to this is building a network of experts and influencers who are either committed to individual SDGs or to the entire topic of sustainable development.

Discussion with this expert network is essential, in order to participate at the forefront of research, to pick up and develop the latest trends in sustainability research.

Interaction with research, practitioners and sustainability enthusiasts in our community can generate a momentum on social media to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Ideas for a sustainable lifestyle

However, we do not only want to talk to our community about the latest research results, technologies, or investment topics in the field of sustainability. It is equally important to align oneself to a sustainable lifestyle. Everyone can contribute, no matter how small. The SDG-Evangelists will also share their own tips and tricks for a more sustainable lifestyle and discuss with the users how these can be best implemented.

Decisive contributions behind the scenes

radicant’s SDG-Evangelists are visible to the outside world. But it is equally important that they influence decision-making processes internally. As experts on the Sustainable Development Goals, they are the guardians of credibility of radicant’s investment portfolios.

Although many of our processes and estimates are technology and data-driven, in the end, there is a need for common sense and a solid understanding of sustainability to ensure that the investments make «sense» donate in both ways. SDG-Evangelists also play a crucial role in aligning radicant’s operations with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Broad education and a lot of passion

Our SDG-Evangelists come with a diverse education. A solid basic understanding of the relevant drivers and obstacles is fundamental for global sustainable development.

The SDG-Evangelists are from various industries and fields of research, have different areas of specialisations and careers. What they all have in common is a passion for the Sustainable Development Goals, a fascination for the complexity of the task, but most of all an irrepressible will to advance the 2030 Agenda.

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