Plan your financial future with radicant

You plan to buy a house, you want to achieve your retirement goals, or you wonder how global warming might affect your financial future?

With the radiLifeplanner we give you the opportunity to simulate the future development of your assets and estimate the impact of climate change on your wealth development. We also support you in keeping an eye on your financial goals.

Why it’s important to start financial planning early

Whether it concerns your pension, buying real estate, or an outlook for the next few years, early financial planning is of major importance.

  • It is expected that the pension coverage of the last income, respectively the accustomed standard of living before retirement, will have decreased to up to 37% in 2025. Private savings are therefore very important in order to maintain the accustomed standard of living during retirement.
  • Home prices have increased on average by 43% since 2011, while wages have increased on average by only 6% over the same period. Relative to income, home ownership is becoming steadily more expensive.

Financial goals are easier to achieve if you are clear about your own goals and future needs at an early stage. radicant supports you in building your wealth with various services, including our planning tool, the radiLifeplanner.

Plan your short- and long-term financial goals

Enter your age and add different scenarios or life events:

  • Set a financial goal in the future
  • Enter your saved assets or investments
  • Add monthly or annual ongoing savings

We can simulate your potential asset growth and whether you will reach your goals or how much more you might need to save to reach them.

Have you ever wondered how climate change can impact your assets over time? With our global warming simulation based on a Nobel Prize winning model developed by William Nordhaus, we can show you the potential negative consequences global warming will have on your wealth.

Your future asset development

Our future asset performance simulation is based on the expected performances of the broad Swiss stock index SPI and a Swiss bond mix. Based on up to 1’000 possible future scenarios we calculate a good, an expected, and an adverse development. This way you can simulate your investments and build your fictitious portfolio with cash, bonds, or stocks.

If you need ideas on how a professional portfolio allocation looks like, you can also choose one of our five sample investment strategies. The higher your equity component, the riskier but potentially more lucrative your asset allocation will be.

Further functions to be added in future

Are you excited about what is still to come? This is our demo version of the radiLifeplanner. The journey of radicant has just begun and we will continue to add more functionality. Please send us your feedback or register on our community and co-creation portal. By doing so, you will help us develop more useful features that will support you in planning your financial future in even more detail.

Long-term value creation with radicant wealth management

Find out more about our wealth management services, as well as our recently launched financial products. Our radicant wealth management mandate is the ideal solution for you if you want our portfolio managers to manage your investments while taking into account the sustainability and impact issues that are important to you. This way, your investments will contribute to close the financing gap of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Join our waiting list and become one of our first customers!

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