Healthy in spirit and mindful in nature

Your well-being is influenced in many ways. Apart from interpersonal relationships, nature also plays a major role. Conscious consumption, healthy nutrition and mindfulness help to protect the environment and your mental health.

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What defines your well-being?

“A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body”, as the Latins used to say. But what is a healthy mind? Mental health is the result of many factors, especially social ones. Interactions with other people or traumatic events can have positive but also negative effects. Additionally to interpersonal interactions, environmental influences affect your well-being too: green spaces, noise, air pollution and the weather. They are protective and reduce stress but can also have negative effects on the psyche.

To summarise: natural spaces make an important contribution to the general well-being of society.

Mindfulness – healthy for you and nature

Mindfulness is not only good for yourself. It also has a positive impact on the environment. Spending some of your precious time being mindful each day reflects on your behaviour. Pay attention to the small things in the environment: a flower, an insect, or even a pretty stone. The way you live protects natural spaces and therefore restores what you take from them: clean air, pure water and healthy food.

Sustainable nutrition for you and the planet

As an example, let’s have a look at giving up meat. The diet helps many people to think more clearly, feel more alert and increase their attention span. On top of having a positive effect on your health, a sustainable diet also has many positive effects in terms of the environment and climate. In general, food consumption always has an impact on environmental as well as social and economic aspects: In some cases, the majority of the producing population benefits, in others they are driven off the land or have only access to products of poor quality.

Contribute to a positive impact on global living and environmental conditions by prioritising plant-based diets made from organic, regional, seasonal and fair-trade foods with low levels of processing.

Nature is a leisure and living space at the same time

The healing powers of nature are impressive. Research suggests that the sounds of nature are calming and that spending time outdoors revitalises the brain. They also reduce the risk of psychiatric disorders such as depression, eating disorders or excessive drug use over a lifetime.

An active lifestyle in nature also has consequences for animals and plants. The carelessly practice of outdoor activities damages habitats and threaten animal species, for example the disturbance of breeding grounds. Residues of a visit to nature also has negative effects. It includes carelessly dumping litter as well as wild fireplaces and resting places.

Protect our natural habitats and show consideration for the animals and plants by walking through nature with respect.

Environmentally friendly consumption

We live in a consumer society. Although scientifically proven that shopping creates immediate feelings of happiness, the high is only short-lived. Something new is required quickly. Such consumption patterns are not only bad for the environment but also unhealthy and have a negative effect on the psyche. On shopping days such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the retail trade offers so called bargains and encourages people to consume. As a result of such days, fully functional items are thrown in the trash. And even worse: products are bought but never used.

Question your consumption behaviour. In terms of diminishing resources, a consumer and throwaway society cannot continue to exist in this way.

Three most important points:

  1. Nature makes an important contribution to our mental health. We bear the cost of it by protecting it.
  2. Nature conservation and health go hand in hand. It is really important to act respectfully when engaging in leisure activities in nature.
  3. Let us work together to ensure that the use of natural spaces is sustainable so that they remain available for us and future generations.
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