Five Questions for: Carina Hütte, Head of People & Culture

The radicant team is a team of highly dedicated people who pursue the same goal and have the same values. As we continue to grow, we regularly want to introduce you to our employees - and what moves them. 

Meet Carina Hütte, our new Head of People & Culture 

1. What is your professional background?

15 years experience in all sorts of areas along the employee lifecycle: from recruiting to engagement, talent development and enablement. My passion clearly lies in employee experience as a whole.

2. Why did you decide to work for radicant?

Having the chance to build all of the above topics from scratch in a startup was something I was really seeking to do for a while. I love the chaotic “I don`t know where to start first” spirit in such an environment and enjoy seeing things becoming more structured, optimized and working.

3. What is your overall vision connected to radicant?

Becoming a successful bank that is here to make a difference on the market, for its clients and the environment itself. And of course also be the coolest employer where people enjoy working, can grow and are enabled to be at their best.

4. What do you believe is the biggest challenge?

Find the right talent. We need outstanding specialists in many areas, hard workers, dedicated and passionate, but also full team committed and supporting the idea of seeing the other radicants as some family members to respect, support in their growth and have fun with.

5. Do you personally support any organizations or initiatives that are somehow connected to social responsibility or sustainability? Or do you make contributions in other ways? If so, please let us know why you made these choices?

I have done lots of voluntary work in my life: I used to be a lifeguard at the Baltic sea in my younger years, I spent some time in Sambia and helped renovate an orphanage and I supported some pro-Juventude projects here in Switzerland. Apart from that our family tries to eat organic and regional/seasonal food to support local farmers and have healthy nutrition.

I feel I am very privileged in the way I was raised and the way my life is currently. I always had access to anything I needed (apart from bananas in the GDR), never starved from anything. Others don`t have that opportunity and I want to share and give back. That is what I also like about the idea of our sustainable bank. The money is used to support something good and we as a company also want to establish a culture of giving and sustainability towards our employees. Good health, gender equality, quality education, peace and justice…you name it. The SDGs are our foundation!

We are thrilled to have Carina on board and wish her all the best for her journey!

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