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Financial planning made easy, with the radiLifeplanner

  • Plan for a financial goal and align it with your future wealth situation.
  • Simulate the performance of your assets such as stocks and bonds.
  • Get a look at the exponential development of your investments when you add monthly or yearly savings to your portfolio.
  • Learn about the consequences of global warming and climate change on your financial wealth.

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Plan your future with even more features

  • Plan and align your short- and long-term financial objectives, such as buying your dream house or achieving your retirement goals.
  • Simulate life events and get transparency on the possible impact of different events, such as marriage, childbirth or job loss.

Everyday features to help reach your goals

You’ve set your vision with the radiLifeplanner – now we’ll help you get there with day-to-day budgets. 
Create pockets to set money aside to meet your saving goals. 

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Invest in the companies making an impact

With our unique financial products, you can help grow the companies leading the sustainability charge whilst managing your future wealth.

Healthy Ecosystems

Gender Equality

Climate Stability

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