The radicant manifesto

radicant is on a journey to empower people to live their lives and to use and grow their wealth in ways which benefit our planet and society.

By working together, radicant can better understand everyone’s passions, needs and life goals and how they change over time – guiding how best to integrate them with a sustainable lifestyle.

By connecting our shared energy and insights with the power of technology, radicant will become the personal companion and trusted compass for a lifestyle aligned with the globally agreed Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and beyond.

We adapt fast to new conditions, simplify the complex and distinguish facts from fiction to make the path ahead clear and transparent for all. From how money is spent to seeking out impactful investment opportunities, radicant enables informed decisions every day.

Rooted in collective knowledge and inspired by a shared purpose, we are driven by a real desire to make a change and to co-create an ever-growing movement for a sustainable world.

We’re all part of the solution,
we’re all radicants.

Our radicant team

We may share the same vision and values, but we come from all sorts of backgrounds and walks of life. Meet the team behind radicant.

Our SDG experts

Get to know the people who ensure all your portfolio holdings positively impact the SDGs.

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