With its mission to support the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by redefining sustainable banking and wealth management, radicant is expanding its ecosystem of technology partners with Zurich-based fintech Atfinity.

With the help of Atfinity, client onboarding is automated in accordance with regulatory requirements and at the same time in a client-friendly manner.

«With Atfinity, we have a partner that optimally supports our high demands for an efficient and fully digital client onboarding process. With their solution, we bring together the digital interaction with our clients and the regulatory challenges regarding the required data and documents without media breaks. As an agile company, Atfinity fits into our self-image of promoting innovation and serves to build efficient and sustainable technologies in line with SDG 9 – innovation and infrastructure», says Roland Kläy, CRO/CFO and Co-Founder of radicant.

«Onboarding is perhaps the most important client journey for an ambitious startup like radicant. To the partnership, Atfinity brings not only a scalable no-code platform but also many years of experience from working with traditional banks. We are convinced that radicant will grow quickly and in a compliant way with us», added Alexander Balzer, CEO and Co-Founder of Atfinity.

«Atfinity is a new technology partner added to our eco system. Collaborating and involving innovative and fast-moving companies aligns radicant with the 17 SDG’s, specifically with SDG 17 – Partnerships for the goals», emphasizes Dr. Anders Bally, CEO and Co-Founder.



radicant bank ag
radiant bank ag (radicant) is a data- and technology-driven start-up with the goal of democratizing access to personalized and sustainable financial services around the clock. The fintech company will promote the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals in the market with its community and financial services, as well as by establishing those goals within its company. Through increased transparency, the bank will help its customers to achieve their individual financial and sustainability goals. radicant is currently in the start-up phase and received its banking license from FINMA in May 2022.


On the meaning of «radicant»
In biology, radicant plants are characterized by their distinct ability to adapt to new environments and conditions. They repeatedly strike new roots during growth, separating themselves from roots that are no longer needed. For us, the term radicant symbolizes a ground-breaking shift in the adaptability of financial services that is deeply rooted in sustainability.



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