About the event

Historically, the fashion industry has outstandingly been a source of production-related waste and pollution around the world. To put it in context, the fashion industry is the second-highest user of water and the second-highest polluter accounting for 10% of global carbon emissions. On top of the evident environmental issue, industry practices- like poor working conditions, and pollution of rivers- impact negatively society’s living conditions, health, and prosperity.


6:30pm CET – Welcome from WISF International and MSCI

6:35pm CET – Initial remarks from Kirstin Brünjes, SDG Expert at radicant bank

6:45pm CET – Panel Discussion with:

Sanaz Wasser from Sanikai, a Swiss-based sustainable fashion brand

Annabelle Hutter from Säntis Textiles

Danae Motta from Robeco

7.30pm CET – Final remarks from Kirstin Brünjes



This event is co-organized by WISF International, MSCI and radicant bank.